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In the current digital age, the pace of innovation is faster than ever.  Opportunities are emerging as people’s interaction and dependency on technology continues to grow.  I aim to be on the edge of this trend, to contribute my technological and design expertise to develop cutting edge digital products that push the envelope of our interaction with technology. This continual move to a more symbiotic relationship with technology will be the legacy of my generation, and I want to be a major contributor to this direction.  There are great challenges as well as great opportunities in improving digital communications.  The mode visuals are presented and the information it conveys creates a a story and interactive experience for the end user.  I am interested in making that experience purposeful and enjoyable.  So if you have a design challenge, I would love to hear it!  Feel free to message me and I would love to set up a discussion.

I am an experienced designer that loves to be challenged.  I have a multitude of diverse design experience that has molded me into the designer I am today.  From the grit of my music scene roots, to the conservative identity of corporate design, I have a diverse style that can bring out the core of any communication.  I am a solutions driven individual and the quality and variety of services I offer organizations is only limited to the challenge that is presented.  My skills encompass, but are not limited to, video production, illustration, motion graphics, print material design, interactive material design, UI design, and everything in between. 

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