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My Goals


My goal in everything I do, is to do it well.  Failure or faling short of a vision, is simply unacceptable.  I bring passion and emotion into my work and communications, because without emotion, there is no connection.  Like in a good piece of music, a communication should take you on a journey.  There is always a rise and fall, a problem and resolution, a cause and effect.  What I do is tell stories through, graphics, video, websites, and music.  My products must follow six rules to make it successful.  A communications must be surprising, unique, concrete, credible, emotional, and finally it must tell a story.

Every product deserves a designer’s eye.  Contrary to the popular phrase, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover,” people make decisions based on visual first impressions everyday.  Good design serves to communicate a message to connect particular values and benefits to products. What I seek to do is to draw inspiration from common and relatable elements to incorporate them in provoking ways.  Incorporating elements of life and personal experience encourages consumers to relate to the communication, and creating a relation to the communication is the most powerful way to create a lifelong perception.

My Work


I am a product of a digital age.  My analytical tendencies drove me to delve into the anatomy of the computer.  I know a significant amount of the building blocks of computer programing.  I am most proficient with web based languages like HTML5, CSS, and Adobe Flash’s Actionscript 3.0.  I continue to expand my knowledge through my own experimentation with the goal to expand the scope of creative communication possibilities.

I have been ingrained into design since I can remember.  It is just the way my brain works.  When I look at an add or product, I think typography, spacial relations, color combinations, and simply what works and doesn’t.  Design and graphic art was as much a part of growing up as math and english.  I take in observations, and apply it to what I create.  I am a very versatile digital designer with a vast variety of skills. Passionate for all things computers, I bring an engineering mind into creating unique communications.  I try and produce the highest quality digital representations to achieve effective communications.  Whether it be a piece of  music, an animation, an illustration, or a website, my digital workflow seeks to retain the purest natural quality while achieving the ultimate communication goal, to make it stick.

I like to take a very scientific approach to digital image processing.  There is a science to making an image appealing, and thanks to digital technology the science is more achievable than ever.  Complementing or contrasting color spectrums, geometric relations of space, semiotic interpretation of visuals all contribute to the overall communication achieved.  I have studied and devoted myself to these foundations and can effectively balance them to achieve a quality visual product.

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